Bio Formic Acid

Formic acid is represented worldwide in many applications from the feed and food industry to the use in disinfectants and cleaning agents. The formic acid produced by OxFA from biomass results in a sustainable alternative in contrast to the previously fossil based basic chemical.

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Liquid Syngas (LSG)

Synthesis gas is an important intermediate in chemical industries, mainly used in production of methanol, synthetic fuels and plasticizers. With Liquid Syngas, OxFA offers the ability to deliver carbon monoxide and hydrogen stored in an easily transportable liquid.

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Bio-based Chemicals

Formate salts have proven themselves over conventional de-icing salt for decades due to their use as de-icing agents at airports. The OxFA technology also enables the production of bio-based formate salts for ecological and sustainable use in municipal and private applications.

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Our Technology

The unique OxFA technology enables the sustainable
production of chemicals directly from biomass feedstock.


We develop innovative processes and bio-based products
that replace the use of fossil resources..


We want to contribute to the preservation of our biosphere
with climate-friendly and resource-saving technologies.

OxFA GmbH is a joint venture founded in March 2015 by JBACH GmbH and EnviTec Biogas AG. Worldwide OxFA is the only company that selectively produces sustainable formic acid from biomass. Renewable raw materials and biogenic residues can be converted into valuable green chemicals in the innovative OxFA process.

Our company founders trust in the enormous potential of bio-based formic acid as platform chemical and its usage in multiple downstream processes and end-uses. Our Team of technical experts has decades of experience in chemical engineering, production and business development.

OxFA is supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (StMWi).

OxFA’s head office is in Scheßlitz, Bavaria, Germany.

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